Director – Anna Wilson

Having worked as Property Manager to a Private Landlord and Property Developer and being a Landlord myself, it has become apparent to me that there is a gap in the market for a genuinely good property management service for landlords.

Professional Experience

Most tenants generally move because the property is managed so poorly, despite even living in a property of their preference.

The importance of a professional property management experience is overlooked. Tenants are expecting a lot more now than they did a decade ago. Especially in London where tenants are paying a much higher rent. Tenants will not only expect a decent property but also a good service.

Tenants are generally let down because most agents are only concerned with securing a tenant into a property. Sadly, most properties are managed by sub-standard managing agents.

Key Maintenance

The basic principal of a good property management service is for the tenants to know that the managing agent is professional, friendly, reliable, and efficient; with a good maintenance team who can do the work. We have found the best way to deliver this is to try and keep as many of our facilities management in–house. Contractors who are not in-house have worked with us for over a decade and share our values. The maintenance team is a key part of the management service as they represent us the company and you the Landlord.

Retaining Tenants

You will find once a tenant is happy they will want to remain and even recommend their friends and family. This will minimise your rental voids and maximise your rental income.

It is very important for us to work with Landlords who recognise the value of keeping their property portfolio well maintained in order to retain and attract good tenants. In the long term, keeping your property portfolio in good condition will preserve your property at the current market value, which will be a great advantage in the event of re-financing or selling.