Invest Tour

Invest Tour offers bespoke property services and travel packages to Ghana. Enabling investors to discover the rich culture, and at the same time opportunities to explore options of purchasing property for either investment or personal use.

Services to our clients

Buying properties overseas can be a very daunting prospect which normally prevents people in the UK purchasing property.

On point specialise in providing a unique range of bespoke services which our clients will directly benefit from. Our comprehensive step by step guide is designed to remove the hassle and most importantly provide peace of mind during the property purchase process.

From sourcing the property to completion we will monitor and communicate with all parties involved.

On Point have established and partnered with numerous property development companies, service providers, financial institutions, legal and property professionals both in UK and Ghana.

With the growing number of property developers On Point are representing, clients will have a wide variety of properties to choose from.

All property developers and their properties have been personally viewed and inspected by On Point Team. With the exception of off plan developments, we conduct site visits and monitor progress during construction.

Bespoke tours

We believe it is important to visit the country of where you are purchasing your property.

Our service Invest Tour is a combination of tourism and property. This will enable both non Ghanaians and Ghanaians to explore Ghana and its rich culture.

We have collaborated with Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and award-winning tour operator Sun Seekers based in Ghana, and with over 25 years experience in tours they will facilitate our tours around the capital Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast.

The Tours will be carried out during the low season of travel periods, as this has enabled us to provide the best hotel and flight prices.

Our bespoke tour packages includes flight, accommodation, visa, transportation and entry fees for the daily excursion. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to view properties of interest you may want to purchase.

Do not keep your imagination about Ghana to yourself – come and explore the beauty and property investment this country has to offer.